Scottish Sailing Leagues - Results

Result Team
1 Strathclyde Green
2 Edinburgh Blue
3 Strathclyde Pink
4 Edinburgh Green
5 Glasgow Purple
6 St Andrews Pink
7 Aberdeen White
8 Glasgow Yellow
9 St Andrews Yellow
10 Dundee Black
Strathclyde Yellow
Strathclyde Orange (not BUCS)
Glasgow Beige (not BUCS)
Edinburgh White
St Andrews Red (not BUCS)
Dream Team 2 (not BUCS)
Aberdeen Blue (not BUCS)
Glasgow Blue
Edinburgh Puce (not BUCS)
UHI Purple (not BUCS)
Dream Team 1 (not BUCS)
Dundee Red
Dundee White-ish (not BUCS)

Tie Breaks

Tie for 1st
D4.2(b); D4.5 & D4.4(a) Strathclyde Green beat Edinburgh Blue (Stage 3; Race 1)
Tie for 3rd
D4.2(b); D4.5 & D4.4(a) Strathclyde Pink beat Edinburgh Green (Stage 3; Race 9)
Tie for 5th
D4.2(b); D4.5 & D4.4(a) Glasgow Purple beat St Andrews Pink (Stage 3; Race 4)
Tie for 7th
D4.2(b); D4.5 & D4.4(a) Aberdeen White beat Glasgow Yellow (Stage 3; Race 2)
Tie for 9th
D4.2(b); D4.5 & D4.4(a) St. Andrews Yellow beat Dundee Black (Stage 3; Race 10)
Tie for 11th
Tie not able to be broken.
Tie for 13th
Tie not able to be broken.
Tie for 15th
Tie not able to be broken.
Tie for 17th
Tie not able to be broken.
Tie for 19th
Tie not able to be broken.
Tie for 21st
Tie not able to be broken.

Stage 1 - Pools

Blue Group

ResultTeamRaces SailedRace Wins
1Strathclyde Green1111
2Edinburgh Green119
3St Andrews Pink119
4Glasgow Yellow117
5Dundee Black116
6Strathclyde Yellow116
7Glasgow Beige115
8St Andrews Red114
9Aberdeen Blue114
10Edinburgh Puce113
11Dream Team 1111
12Dundee White-ish111

Tie Breaks

Tie for 2nd
D4.4(a) Edinburgh Green beat St. Andrews Pink (Race 38)
Tie for 5th
D4.4(a) Dundee Black beat Strathclyde Yellow (Race 97)
Tie for 8th
D4.4(a) St Andrews Red beat Aberdeen Blue (Race 10)
Tie for 11th
D4.4(a) Dream Team 1 beat Dundee White-ish (Race 70)

Yellow Group

ResultTeamRaces SailedRace Wins
1Edinburgh Blue1010
2Strathclyde Pink109
3Glasgow Purple108
4Aberdeen White107
5St Andrews Yellow105
6Strathclyde Orange104
7Edinburgh White104
8Dream Team 2103
9Glasgow Blue103
10UHI Purple101
11Dundee Red101

Tie Breaks

Tie for 6th
D4.4(a) Strathclyde Orange beat Edinburgh White (Race 36)
Tie for 8th
D4.4(a) Dream Team 2 beat Glasgow Blue (Race 31)
Tie for 10th
D4.4(a) UHI Purple beat Dundee Red (Race )