Newcastle Blue

  • Newcastle Blue qualified directly for the Finals from the Northern Qualifier having finished 4.

    Introducing Newcastle, a sailing team with a passion for the sport and a drive to succeed, despite their pre-historic and current lack of success. However, with the Yachting team having achieved the club's first BUCS points in over a century, Newcastle's team-racers believe the turns may have tabled and fortune may be heading their way. This is despite facing numerous setbacks on and off the pitch recently, most notably their near enough wooden spoon performance at Cam-Cup, their loss to Durham 3s at West Kirby and Patrick's inability to stay friends with the Lola's bouncers past 1am. However, this group of dedicated sailors refuses to let these results define them. With a shared love for the sport and a determination to improve, they have worked tirelessly in the pub to refine their skills and strategies. Although they have yet to bring home any major cups or trophies, their perseverance and teamwork have not gone unnoticed. With every race, they have gained invaluable experience and knowledge, using each setback as a learning opportunity to fuel their growth and development as a team. Now, to walk you through the starting 6 for Finals. Newcastle's starting lineup hasn't changed since their unexpected qualification victory, where technical difficulties allowed Newcastle to advance at Sheffield's expense. The sailors on this team come from all walks of life, in particular Johnny "le-bicycle" Farrow, who has left his post on season to join this team at Finals, who will be crewing for Team-Captain Dotty Rockett, who is coming back from a season-long loan in Amsterdam. Next up it is Archie, the once named child prodigy, now returning to the lacklustre (his words) starting 6 for Newcastle for the second season in a row. He will be accompanied by one of the two Katies, both on debut for the 1s. And last and definitely least, it is Patrick who will take the 3rd helm position in an attempt to break free from his deep 6 curse at Grafham. Good news for him though, as KT returns from what was a potentially career defining injury, which prevented her from competing in Newcastle's only podium finish of the season at the Big Lash. It must be said that Newcastle seems united by their unwavering commitment to one another and their shared goal of success on the water, which is showing in the latter stages of the season. They know that success is not just about winning races, but also about building lasting relationships, fostering a sense of community, and embodying the true spirit of sportsmanship. So whilst Newcastle may not have a long list of wins under their belt, they have something far more valuable - a sincere spirit of unity. All bar one of the Newcastle team share this sense of solidarity and an unbreakable spirit, which usually helps them to move through the tough times. And yet they all remain wary of Archie "the social butterfly" Penn, as they have been warned about how a failure to achieve BUCS points this year would put him into ill-repute with his pre-established relationship with Exeter. What lies ahead for Newcastle at Finals?

    Team Members

    Patrick Cope
    Charlotte Rocket
    Archie Penn
    Katie Yelland
    Katie Spencer
    Johnny Farrow

    Team Performance

    166 Sheffield Gold 1 2 4 - 3 5 6 Newcastle Blue
    152 Warwick Black 1 2 4 - 3 5 6 Newcastle Blue
    137 Newcastle Blue 4 5 6 - 1 2 3 UCD
    125 Nottingham Green 4 5 6 - 1 2 3 Newcastle Blue
    112 Newcastle Blue 1 2 5 - 3 4 6 Loughborough Purple
    97 Bristol Red 1 2 6 - 3 4 5 Newcastle Blue
    84 Newcastle Blue 3 4 6 - 1 2 5 St Andrews Pink
    68 Durham Purple 1 2 3 - 4 5 6 Newcastle Blue
    53 Bristol Black 1 2 3 - 4 5 6 Newcastle Blue
    41 Newcastle Blue 1 5 6 - 2 3 4 Warwick Black
    15 Manchester Purple 2 3 4 - 1 5 6 Newcastle Blue
    2 Lancaster Red 4 5 6 - 1 2 3 Newcastle Blue